Our story

WHAT IS ArtistNepal.Com?

artistnepal.com is a community of Nepali artists spread across the globe, where the profiles and information of all new and old artists will be archived. With the passing of 1 century of Nepali music and 7 decades of Nepali cinema, how many artists have arrived? There is no record of anything and you are also involved in the record keeping campaign. Since 2010 we have launched artistnepal.com with this goal in mind.Demanding time, active and innovative artists lead the international and international paths to make the respected profession more responsible, comfortable, united and connect professional artists with other industry clients.We pride ourselves on providing the service we need right now. Artistnepal.com has been revamped to create a fast, streamlined and efficient service for Nepali artists to present to the national and international market in consultation. Which achieves certified results and is an essential tool for the Nepali artist community.We also have over 15 years of experience working with a team of dedicated professional artists. We are passionate about providing a professional online platform, which benefits all new and professional participants in the Artists industry.

ArtistNepal.Com WHY?

artistnepal.com provides endless opportunities for artists, artists, photographers, singers, musicians, instrument player, filmmakers, producers, advertising makers, RJ / VJ, makeup artists, painters. Never before has service been so easy, effective and truly global.ARTIST MANAGEMENT:We store the data and create the brand of each artist associated with the Artist Nepal Network. The profile that Artist Nepal creates can be used for any further references that give the artist a source of income. The profile will be updated and will cover the most prolific work done by the artist.We will also help in promoting each artist through our network offices in various parts of the world.You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by being part of artistnepal.com today!